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About Us

  The center was established in August 2015 with a mission to promote the school’s advantage for cross-industry and cross-academic cooperation, to share the school’s resources with the public, and to achieve improved relations with and quality of life for the public. Our core missions are:


(1)ndustry-Academia Cooperation

To meet the requirements of the fast-changing environment of the global economy, the Center will invite financial industry experts from CTBC Holding as faculty to provide practical and international financial courses to ensure that students can learn and acquired the necessary knowledge and skills in the job market.
(2)Innovation and Value-Added
 By developing various topics of innovation for our courses and cooperating with well-known foreign and domestic schools, the Center will develop a series of professional courses geared toward innovative ideas and learning. 
(3)Brand Promotion
CTBC Business School has the strongest faculty based off financial industry experts and outstanding professors from financial, business administration, and legal areas. The Center will be used as a stage to promote the brand features of CTBC Holding, and we hope to share the brand resources with the public and enhance the brand value.